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High-quality cashew nuts

Ethically sourced from West Africa, our cashew facilities are focused on sustainability and fair trade with farmers. While tackling poverty we supply high quality, HACCP and BRC-certified cashews, enabling full traceability to international standards.

Shelled Cashews

High-Quality Cashews

  • W-180
  • W-210
  • W-240
  • W-320
  • W-450

White Shelled Cashew Kernels

White Whole Cashew Nut, Fancy Style, Buttery Flavour
RAW, Organic, Hand-Picked, and SUN-DRIED

Packaging and Shipping Specifications:

Steam-separated and vacuum-sealed (1-4% moisture max)

Cashews are shipped in 22.5 kg cartons, containing 5 vacuum-sealed bags, each bag at 4.5kg

We ship globally with a special focus on the North American market

Terms: FOB from Dakar, Senegal to the final destination

Delivery in Three Easy Steps

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Why Basketegy Cashews?

  • West Africa boasts the highest quality of cashew producers in the world.
  • Our process is totally natural: Cashew kernels are organically farmed, single-source harvested, sun-dried, and steam separated from the shell.
  • Quality control measures ensure a 1% or less defect rate.
  • Superior technology for initial machine-sorting based on size/weight with a secondary hand-sorting for quality, our tertiary machine scans for defects before final packaging.
  • We offer three main grades of whole kernel cashew (320/240/180) as well as mixed grades of Cashew pieces.

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